Channel No:01 Live

Language and Literature

Channel No:03 Live

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Channel No:04 Live

Education and Home Science

Channel No:05 Live

Information, Communication and Management Studies

Channel No:06 Live

Law and Legal Studies

Channel No:07 Live

Economics and Commerce

Channel No:08 Live

Physical and Earth Sciences

Channel No:09 Live

Life Sciences

Channel No:10 Live

Applied Sciences

Channel No:11 Live

Social Sciences and Humanities

Channel No:12 Live

Basic and Applied Sciences

Channel No:13 Live

Professional Education

Channel No:14 Live

Open Universities and Gyandarshan

Channel No:15 Live

Capacity Building and Teacher Education

Channel No:16 Live

Skill and Vocational Education

Channel No:17 Live

Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

Channel No:18 Live

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Channel No:19 Live

Electrical Engineering

Channel No:20 Live


Channel No:21 Live

Textile Engineering

Channel No:22 Live


Channel No:23 Live

Civil Engineering

Channel No:24 Live

Aeronautical Engineering

Channel No:25 Live

Humanities and Social Sciences

Channel No:26 Live

Management, Law, Economics; Business Analytics, Communication, Cooperative Management

Channel No:27 Live

Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Design, Manufacturing E & T and allied subjects

Channel No:28 Live

Visual communications, Graphic design & Media technology

Channel No:29 Live

Architecture and Interior Design

Channel No:30 Live

Computer Sciences Engineering / IT & Related Branches

Channel No:31 Live

Instrumentation Control, Biomedical and Engineering

Channel No:32 Live

Bridge Courses and Impact Series

Channel No:33 Live

Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences

Channel No:34 Live

Health Sciences

Channel No:35 Live

Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering, Mining and Ocean Engineering

Channel No:36 Live

Skills and Logistics (IT - Enabled Sector, Banking, Financial and Insurance sector Skills Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Transportation, Life skills)

Channel No:37 Live

Chemistry, Biochemistry and Food Processing Engineering

Channel No:38 Live


Channel No:39 Live

Performing Arts (Indian Classical Music and Dances), Theatre Arts, Film making and Painting

Channel No: 40

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