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Mechanical Engineering & related branches

Program Starting Date (19-OCT-2020)

No of Courses


  • Morning Shift: 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Evening Shift: 1st Repeat (16:00hrs to 24:00hrs)
  • Night Shift: 2nd Repeat (00:00hrs to 08:00hrs)

Courses (24) Details

Sr No. Code Course Name Content Schedule
1 M1 Engineering Mechanics
2 M2 Fluid Mechanics and Rate Processes
3 M3 Nature and Properties of Materials
4 M4 Manufacturing Automation
5 M5 Fibre reinforced composites
6 M6 Thermodynamics and Propulsion
7 M7 Electronic Packaging and Manufacturing
8 M8 Thermodynamics
9 M9 Fluid Mechanics
10 M10 Data analysis and interpretation
11 M11 Transport Phenomena
12 M12 Fluid Mechanics
13 M13 Introduction to Aerodynamics
14 M14 Heat and Mass Transfer
15 M15 Introduction to Finite Volume Methods
16 M16 convective Heat Transfer
17 M17 Robotics
18 M18 Aircraft Stability and Control
19 M19 Corrosion - Part I
20 M20 Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I
21 M21 Basics of Finite Element Analysis-I
22 M22 Mechanism and Robot Kinematics
23 M23 Nature And Properties Of Materials-An Introductory Course
24 M24 Principles Of Mechanical Measurement