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Civil Engineering & related branches

Program Starting Date (19-OCT-2020)

No of Courses


  • Morning Shift: 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Evening Shift: 1st Repeat (16:00hrs to 24:00hrs)
  • Night Shift: 2nd Repeat (00:00hrs to 08:00hrs)

Courses (24) Details

Sr No. Code Course Name Content Schedule
1 C1 Fluid Mechanics
2 C2 Geotechnical Engineering I
3 C3 Environmental Geotechnics
4 C4 Optimization in Civil Engineering
5 C5 Solid Mechanics
6 C6 Water Resources Engineering
7 C7 Dynamics of Structures
8 C8 Building Materials and Composites
9 C9 Water Resources Engineering
10 C10 Mineralogy
11 C11 Elements of Rock Mechanics
12 C12 Hydrostatics and Stability
13 C13 Structural Geology
14 C14 Building Materials & Construction
15 C15 Foundation Engineering
16 C16 Water and Waste Water Engineering
17 C17 Concrete Engineering and Technology
18 C18 Environment Air Pollution
19 C19 Concrete Technology
20 C20 Advanced Structural Analysis
21 C21 Hydraulics
22 C22 Engineering Geology
23 C23 Probability Methods in Civil Engineering
24 C24 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures