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Program Starting Date (19-OCT-2020)

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  • Morning Shift: 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Evening Shift: 1st Repeat (16:00hrs to 24:00hrs)
  • Night Shift: 2nd Repeat (00:00hrs to 08:00hrs)

Courses (12) Details

Sr No. Code Course Name Content Schedule
1 S1 Linear Algebra
2 S2 Complex Analysis
3 S3 Basic Number Theory
4 S4 Quantum Mechanics I
5 S5 Data Analysis and Interpretation
6 S6 Group Theory methods in Physics
7 S7 Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
8 S8 SpecialSelect Topics in Classical and Quantum Physics
9 S9 Physical Chemistry-l
10 S10 Partial Differential Equations
11 S11 Transform Calculus and its Applications
12 S12 Classical Mechanics l