Class-7 PMeVIDYA
Course : Penology and Sentencing , Target USER : PG
No Title Duration Author Author's Affiliation Language Video
1 M-09. Punishment to Restorative Justice: From Disintegration to Reintegrated Shaming 00:35:36 Dr Anju Wali Tikoo Law Faculty Delhi University English
2 M-08. Individualisation of Punishment, Sentencing Discretion and Just Desert 00:37:57 Dr Anju Wali Tikoo Law Faculty Delhi University English
3 M-07. Reformative and Rehabilitative Theories of Punishment 00:32:44 Dr Rangin Pallav Tripathi VIPS Delhi English
4 M-06. Retributive and Deterrence Theories of Punishment 00:38:19 Dr Rabindra Kumar Pathak NLU Ranchi English
5 M-05. Transcendental and Utilitarian Theories of Punishment 00:29:59 Miss Tushita Gaur VIPS Delhi English
6 M-04. Forms and Typologies of Punishment 00:30:41 Miss Suman Dash Bhattamishra NLU Odisha English
7 M-03. Objectives and Purpose of Punishment 00:39:45 Dr Upma Gautam IP University English
8 M-02. Origin and Evolution of Punishment 00:36:20 Dr Upma Gautam IP University English
9 M-01. Meaning, Aim and Philosophy of Punishment 00:29:43 Dr Rabindra Kumar Pathak NLU Ranchi English
10 M-10. Recidivism 00:44:50 Dr Kumar Askand Pandey RMLNLU Lucknow English
11 M-11. Jurisprudence of Sentencing Function 00:30:38 Mr Renjith Thomas NLU, Jodhpur English
12 M-12. Normative Framework of Sentencing: Shared Responsibilities between Legislature and Judiciary 00:33:08 Mr Nikhil Kashyap Amity Law School Noida English
13 M-13. Forms of different Punishment and Statutory limitation on choice of punishment 00:31:12 Mr Utkarsh Verma NLU Ranchi English
14 M-14. Right to Pre Sentence hearing 00:31:21 English
15 M-15. Procedural Law Limitation on DP Sentencing 00:35:45 English
16 M-16. Judicial Limitation on DP Sentencing 00:33:07 English
17 M-17. Life Imprisonment sentencing and its Modern Variant 00:33:50 English
18 M-18. Sentencing in Sexual Offences 00:29:27 English
19 M-19. Sentencing in Socio- Economic Offences 00:30:27 English
20 M-20. Plea bargaining or Sentence bargaining 00:27:20 English
21 M-21. Legal framework of Probation Sentencing 00:28:29 English
22 M-22. Probation Sentencing in Trial Courts 00:24:07 English
23 M-23. Sentencing as a means of ensuring victim justice 00:32:17 English
24 M-24. Sentencing , public opinion and media reporting 00:31:48 English
25 M-25. HR dimensions of punishment and sentencing 00:31:26 English
26 M-26. Sentencing of Women Offenders 00:33:14 English
27 M-27. Sentencing of Child Offenders 00:43:44 English

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